• Nicole Hartl

Those pesky New Years Resolutions

If you are like me, you make them every year. And then two, or three weeks, heck maybe even 4 months in, you look back and what you had every good intention in doing has gone out the window. One of my resolutions this year is to bring back my BLOG and to post once a week. That should be easy enough right?!?! I need you out there to keep me motivated. There are days were I just don't want to stay on task and find myself distracted and on the Wayfair or Amazon apps shopping (thats a resolution as well, scale back my stress shopping!!!)

The other day, my kiddos and I were sitting in our living room when my son grabbed my iPad. He was chasing his sister around taking pictures, then he looked at me and said (very matter-of-factly) "mom get in the picture, you're never in a picture". That gut punched me hard. He's only 4, I mean don't get me wrong, he's soooo smart, but it stung deep that my own children know how important it is to have pictures, and they know that mommy isn't in them. So I need to give up that control and get out from behind my camera or even iPhone, and finally get that family picture that I see in my head, but I don't have proudly hanging on my wall of pictures.

On my nightstand is a picture that I cherish oh so greatly. My beloved Grandma (may she rest in peace), my Grandpa (still my favorite man in my life), and me are all standing on one of my college graduation day. Grandma and Grandpa are bear hugging me. This day is so important to me as my Grandma had been battling cancer, and it was her dream to see me graduate college. So when she got sick again, I busted my butt to work so hard to graduate early and I almost graduated with honors! Grandma made sure that she was strong enough to be at the ceremony and I still can remember (13 years later) her cheering as they called my name and I walked across that stage to get my diploma. Even though she used a walker, she was standing up, clapping and cheering. These memories are alive because of this picture. The memories and feelings that I felt that day, still come pouring out every time that I look at that picture.

I reflect on this today as my mother is now in remission from cancer. However, since the cancer had spread to her brain, cause her a stroke on the operating table. I know that her and my dad should get into my studio and take pictures with my babies, so if the day comes that they travel to heaven, my children can look back hopefully with the same thoughts and happiness that I do with my pictures. Even though I drive my family nuts with always making them take pictures, we truly don't know when our time will come. What is going to be left for your children, grand children, even great grandchildren to look at to know that they were truly loved. Will you have a picture stored on a phone that is no longer able to be turned on or that the technology is outdated? Or will you have a print of your family that future generations can hang on their wall so that your grandchildren know exactly whom your are.

So here is my resolution, to write more blog posts and to get over myself and give my kiddos their wish to have mommy in more pictures. What is your resolution?

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