• Nicole Hartl

There was a baby in the belly... Welcome to the world Thomas.

Where to start with this... this couple entered my life when their first entered this world. Our friendship continued after Bens milestone collection was completed, and they even were portfolio Models for me when I was wanting to update my family portfolio. Even when I head back to Devils Lake, I would try to stop by and say hi! Ben has always held such a special place in my heart and i love watching him learn and grow!

I jumped up and down when the message came from Amanda saying we needed our consult for a milestone package! Not going to lie, there may have been a few tears she’s for Erick and Amanda as well. They have become such good friends, to see their journey towards adding to the family be difficult, it was such music to my ears to hear those WE’RE EXPECTING words!!!

Knowing Erick and Amanda as I do, the planning began right away, figuring out how to make it EPIC. See, Erick is a big Seahawks fan, and a bit of a jokester, Amanda’s very quite until you set to know her the. She can dish those jokes out, probably even a little more than Erick 🤣🤣

We Had to bump our maternity session as Amanda was getting super close to going into labor and doctors were thinking that she would go sooner than her due date. I can still remember the text from Erick telling me that Mr. Thomas has arrived! They were such troopers venturing down to the studio for our newborn session. Thomas was an absolute dream to photograph.

I am super excited to see how much he has changed when I see them for Thomas‘ 3 month session. The similarities were so striking between big brother Ben and Thomas that I can’t wait to compare pix of Ben with Thomas’.

So welcome Thomas. I am sure you will wrap my around your little finger just like your big brother has❤️

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