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Soooo who's Nikii and what is Nikii Pix!!!!

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Soooo here I am sitting here staring at my computer, really, really trying not to FREAK OUT! I wrote this amazingly awesome BLOG post. Like 100% on point! And then BAM, it's not saved. Thank you internet.

Alright, so here we go. Hey all! I am Nicole Hartl. I am the creator and designer behind Nikii Pix. I am just a small town girl from the Sheyenne Valley, who growing up, was really in love with beauty. I loved to see the good in the world and not the dirty or bad parts of the world.

While I was growing up, I usually could be found with a very cheap and not very good disposable camera in my hand. When my parents moved off the farm, I remember going through boxes of old pix and just laughed at the memories (while cringing at the horrible exposure). I loved looking back at these when life was so easy and simple and how many happy memories of our high school silliness were brought to life. Friends that I have lost contact with and even those who still are such a big part of my life still to this day, could be found in these images!

As I journeyed out into adulthood, I didn't really pick up any sort of camera and just was out there doing whatever I was doing. It wasn't until I met my now husband that I knew I needed to go pursue something that spoke to me.

Fast forward to December of 2010, my now hubby PROPOSED! Now that I think back to this date, I really wish that we would have had someone there to document the moment that he proposed. It all happened sooooo fast that I really don't remember every detail like I would want. When I look back to our wedding photos, I am put back into the day as if it was still September 2011. When we picked our wedding photographer, I knew I wanted someone who got our laid back, country, you might even say HICK like wedding, even personalities.

I found that in Kristi (hey girl), from Admire Photography in Fargo. She also became a good friend and also my mentor when I reached out and talked to her about how do I move forward and how to find my passion again in photography.

My husbands military career took us to Devils Lake in 2012, and that's also when my hubby bought me my first camera. I started out taking pix of anything and everything. In the spring of 2013, I launched Nikii Pix and also opened my first studio. In summer of 2014, I went full-time in the studio as business was rapidly growing. My focus in my journey also grew and changed during this time. We welcomed our first little in the fall of 2014, so capturing his milestones were so important to me. I started to really focus on doing Maternity, Newborn, Littles, Family, Couples, Wedding and Pet Photography. But something felt like it was missing. I was a shoot and burn photographer, I met my client when they came into the studio for their session or on location for their session, and sometimes, didn't even get to know much about them. I wanted something more than that. I wanted something that made my passion matter.

Our journey again took us across the state when my husbands career took us to Bismarck, I went back into the corporate work world, as I entered an area that had alot of photographers. What I thought was me giving up on my dream was actually a blessing in disguise. While I was sitting at home with our second little who had just joined our little family, I was able to really sit and think, what is so important to me with Nikii Pix? What do I really want my business mission and my journey to be?

I relaunched Nikii Pix in the spring of 2018 with a new vision, new mission and new passion. Gone were the days of not getting to know my client and not get to listen to what their vision is. I no longer took the pictures and hand them the CD thinking that was all they needed......

My mission in Nikii Pix is to provide my clients the overall and hands on customer experience, and to advise and guide them in creating wall art to proudly display in their homes, at the office and to be energized and excited about their season of life. I also really honed in on what I loved doing, giving clients precious keepsakes. However, while telling peoples love story in wedding photography is something I love, it really wasn't were my heart was leading me. So I decide to step away from the wedding side of photography except for my close friends and family.

Now my focus, where I decided to invest in training, safety training and posing, and where I truly find my most enjoyment is in Maternity, Newborn, Littles and Families. I am so passionate about giving my clients those captured moments to have in a tangible item that our children can learn who their great-grandparents are.

I have a photograph of my paternal grandparents on my nightstand. My oldest little can point to that image and tell me that his great-grandma is up in heaven, dancing with GOD.

GOD is so involved in my mission now.

I have been told by many cherished clients that they didn't know or realize just how much they would come to cherish their images. That a loved one that was present in our session had passed. Each of those passings hit me hard in my own heart. I have cried tears with clients as we reminisce on the day that we took those keepsakes.

It has really, lately, given me a new mission. Tomorrow is NOT guaranteed, we don't know when our time is going to be done here and that God will call us home. Don't put off those images until you look so great in those jeans, or that you think that all those selfies, or pictures of your littles on your phone are going to be enough. Technology can and possibly will fail. I am guilty of it myself. I lost all the images of my second littles first couple months (her newborn pix, her baptism, and her 3 month pictures), because my hard drive failed. Thankfully I printed out alot of my iPhone pictures, and that I also printed out a couple of her newborn pictures to display around our home.

So to wrap up part 1 of this.... I will be explain more in upcoming posts, of what I am now doing in each and everyone of our sessions. Now get out there and be present in your family's lives. Schedule those photography sessions and listen up, GET YOUR IMAGES PRINTED people! In my next BLOG post, I will explain the beginning process and journey when you contact me about a session. Hope to see you back, if you want alerts on my Blog posts, make sure to register on my website (nikiipixstudios.com), and top right, register. Then go to "My Account", and select to subscribe to the blog! Not only that but this is where I will send you specials that I will be running in these next upcoming months!

Natural Light Studio is located at 222 N 4th St, Suite 215, Bismarck, North Dakota

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