• Nicole Hartl

Ms. C is riding on into 9 months

I really can't believe that here I am writing about Ms. C's 9 MONTH session already. When I first met her momma, she was still pregnant and to the "lets be done with this" point. I have loved having her whole family come in (even her 4 legged siblings), each couple of months to document how she's grown and how her personality is really starting to shine on through.

Here's a little peak at CeeJay at her newborn session...

CeeJay's favorite thing to do during our session was to make a grunting noise with her daddy and then she would move her arms in a "muscles pose" (that's really all I could think of calling it.... )

I can't believe that we are gearing up to game plan ideas for a 1 year session next time I see this adorable little one! I can only image what fun and creative ideas mom and I will come up with, There's a good chance of some family pictures with a camero.... Possibly even some with the 4 legged siblings. I am so excited to see what milestones CeeJay will be at!!!

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