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  • Nicole Hartl

Bring the Momma out in front of the camera in Nikii Pix Photography's downtown Bismarck Studio.

Alright momma! Lets get out from behind your camera phone, or your own camera and capture these special moments with your littles. No matter their age, you NEED to have keepsakes for them to cherish and look back on years from now. So come on down to my downtown Bismarck Studio and let me create some keepsakes for you!

Your motherhood journey starts from that moments that your little one touches your heart. They don't have to be growing inside of you to become a part of you. But if you are or have expected a little one, and you probably can remember exactly how those little hiccups felt, or how at the moment you almost fell asleep, they decided to jump on your bladder. Maybe your journey to motherhood came another way, all those moments of waiting, of wondering, of praying. Or you found a person who already had a child or children who you love just as fiercely as if they were of your own blood. This all makes you a momma, this makes you someone who should be celebrated, cherished and captured.

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Now remember those sweet baby bubbles, those coo's and caw's, their first laugh. It's all part of your journey. Now they may be walking and talking, they may be off to school or college. No matter their age, you will always think of them as your baby. As of someone who may have drove you completely batty, because you were so tired. But then you remember holding them in your arms and in that moment, everything felt just perfect. As I write this, I remember the feeling of being snuggled in with each of my babies. But momma, don't blink, cause it's all a distant memory before you know it.

Here's my littles, my why, my reason for getting out from behind my camera. This momma herself is going to get infront of the camera so her babies have keepsakes with their momma.

Want to have those keepsakes? Want to have cherished memories of yesterday? Here's the details of the studio Motherhood Mini Special. Only offered on April 13th thru the 18th, 2020. And here's the catch, it's ONLY offered to my VIP subscribers. Each session is 30 minutes and you momma, are gifted 10 digital images. The NON-Refundable session fee is $150. My studio is white (pictured above), so I recommend tans, cremes, pastels, greys for your color pallet. I do have a couple of dresses that you can choose from in the studio as well. But please make sure to stop by and try them on before our session to make sure that they will fit! I also have a few outfits for littles ages 6 month/18 month girls.

So heres how to get signed up for this moment just for you momma. Head on over to my website, here you will see on the top the "nikii pixers" link. Click this and enter in your name and e-mail. Then in a couple days, you will get the link to sign up for this! You can also sign up on the bottom of the page, right hand side, and then click "Join US". It's really that simple! If you don't get an e-mail within 48 hours of signing up, shoot me a message! I can't wait to help you momma, get out from behind the lens and get yourself in the images. To get some captured moments of you and your littles TRUE YOU moments!!!

Please note. STUDIO IS CLOSED until further notice due to COVID-19 and recommendations that ALL non-essential persons self-isolate. This is how I have chosen to flatten the curve. If you have a session scheduled during this time and have not heard via email from me on our game plan/rescheduling, please reach out via the chat box here or e-mail me at

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