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Hello New Momma

Congrats! You have just found out that you are about to go on a journey that really is like no other. As a momma to two littles myself, I understand the importance to document these special moments from  the baby bump (or the adoption notice), to the babys arrival into this world, and then to capture each and every little milestone they achieve until the end of time. 

Whether its from the moment you learn that you are pregnant, to the moment that captures your radiant glow and your growing baby bump, or to document your journey to parenthood. I have collections that can capture each and every moment or just a few special milestones. With pricing starting at $250, there is a collection that is just perfect for you. Our journey together starts with us sitting down and discussing what your vision is, what you would like your journey with me to be, and from there we create an experience that capture your moments to cherish for years to come. 




 I remember the moment my children first entered the world and the doctor saying "its a boy or you have a girl" just like it was yesterday. But now a couple years later, these two have grown so much and have had so many amazing milestones, that I am so glad that I have those moments in print to reflect on when they have grown up and moved out on their own. 

Each of my milestone littles have grown to have a special part of my heart, and I feel like they become my adopted kiddos. I love that they come back to future family sessions and are so excited to tell me about his/her new accomplishments! 

When I am not helping you capture your precious littles milestones, I am out there enjoying my time with my littles, watching them grow up into what I hope are amazing young men and women. We love to spend time together as a family driving our 4 wheelers out in our backyard or country roads, camping with our friends and family, or going on family trips. 

Feel free to message me with the chat bubble below or to click the "chat with nikii" above to find out more about each of the milestone collections!

You can also contact me at the studio, by clicking the "Lets Book" below, or by call/texting me at the number below.