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HEY HEY HEY there momma to be!

You are GLOWING. You may feel like you never will see your feet again. You want to be a hermit and not really go out in public. Or are you a momma to be who's waiting so patiently, that with every ring of the phone your heart aches a little more that GOD will place a little one to love in your arms.

One thing is for certain though, that no matter your journey through this, having those keepsakes will bring you back to the feeling of the toes kicking in your belly. Or those late night dance parties on your bladder. Or you will earn to remember that moment you waited and waited and now it's all coming true.

Each maternity session is specifically designed around you. Showcasing your glow, or documenting an adoption journey. I guide you through finding the perfect outfit to flatter you, give suggestions for hair and makeup (if you so choose), and have an ever growing closet of dresses that you are welcome to choose one. I will sit down with you in our pre-consult and learn about you and your journey. My mission is to create keepsakes for you that put you back into those moments, to feel that love, to feel the pitter patter of those itty bitty toes across your belly. While you may not feel like this is a moment you would want to go back to, trust me momma, you will want these keepsakes.  My littles are now 2 (rolling hard into those tenacious 3's,) and 5 (I am about to send him off to school), and I have those keepsakes and they love to look at who they were before they came screaming into this world. 

Ready to chat about your journey and see if I would fit into it and capture those keepsakes for you? 

Those sleepless nights, and little baby coos....

One minute you are what can only be described as a mombie. So deliriously in love with the new addition that came into your life, but at the same time, as tired that you might not know if you took a shower this week. Take a power nap with the knowledge that your little one is in the best of hands.  As a momma myself, I know that having a stranger hold your baby isn't going to happen. Rest assure that I am constantly learning and training on newborn safety. I currently am holding certification from the AHA in Pediatric First AID CPR, and also am continuously doing training on how to safely pose and position newborns.

 Newborn sessions are typically shot within the first 21 days of life, with sessions lasting 2-3 hours, and I aim to have 4-5 setups for a variety of images. 

Our session can focus solely on your new bundle of joy, can include some pix of you and your new best friend, and also any other family members. While newborns like a quiet room, thats super warm, please keep the group to a minimum to make sure that we capture the best poses to have as keepsakes of your little being this tiny!

Want to learn more about what else is included? Take a tour around the studio, take a peek at the NPP closet for the newborns that you can feel free to use during our sessions. 

It's Here, That first year FLEW BY!

I mean it seems like each year is going faster and faster. Our lives get busier and busier. It seems like every time I turn around, my littles have learned something new, and look even more grown up then they did yesterday. The first year of our littles lives are filled with so many firsts. Their first smile, the first time they giggled, the first time that they roll over, crawl and even sit up. The moment that they pull themselves up on furniture, to even start taking those few little steps. Oh my, those moments were amazing, and then it was gone. 

Now image being able to come into the studio or on location when your little achieves that milestone and do a little session designed just for them. Showcasing where they are, showing off their toothy grin. 

With the mounting pressures to get in those pictures at certain time frames are now gone, you come in when your little reaches that milestone that YOU want to capture. And our session is filled with outfit options from my NPP closet, or they can just hang out in a diaper. We will work together to create a vision and make it as special as they are. 

Want to learn more about your investment into these sessions? CLICK HERE to jump over to my investment page and what's all involved. 

Want to chat with me more, learn more about what a milestone collection is or want to create a bundle to document your WHOLE first year journey, or did you just find out that you are expecting? Lets create a MILESTONE BUNDLE with a maternity (bumps), newborn (babies), and milestones (bubbles) bundle collection! CLICK HERE!

Got more questions, jump on over to the FAQs page to get more answers on commonly asked questions. 


Each of my sessions include a product credit for you to use towards your purchase of cherished keepsakes. You can choose from prints, canvas', vivid metals, photo pallets, digitals, keepsake boxes, and even create custom keepsake items for yourself!

For each session, clients on average invest $500 for a maternity, newborn, or milestone session. Motherhood bundles are an average an investment of $1500 for your journey. An product investment can be placed on a payment plan of 90 or 180 days. With products being ordered once full payments have been received. 

To chat more with me about what I offer, what's included, and to see if we are a good fit, click HERE to book a consult! I would love to hear about your journey into MOTHERHOOD.

Please note. STUDIO IS CLOSED until further notice due to COVID-19 and recommendations that ALL non-essential persons self-isolate. This is how I have chosen to flatten the curve. If you have a session scheduled during this time and have not heard via email from me on our game plan/rescheduling, please reach out via the chat box here or e-mail me at

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