Natural Light Studio is located at 222 N 4th St, Suite 215, Bismarck, North Dakota

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I am so glad you are here.

What is lifestyle photography? To me, it's about capture family's life, in just that, YOUR style. By finding your TRUE YOU and letting it shine.

What is Nikii Pix's Mission? My mission is to provide a photography experience that makes you forget about those worries, those double chins, or about your child(ren) running around having the time of their life. My mission is to make sure that you walk into our session with the confidence to know that I know you, your family, and what you are picturing displaying on your walls. That you can take a nap or catch up on social media while I pose and capture your newborns special features, a little crooked smile, or a yawn. That I pose you just perfectly that you finally see what everyone says when your 36 weeks pregnant and glowing. That your outfit worries are put aside with my inspiration boards, and outfit tips or you come raid my ever growing NPP closet. 

Enjoy life TODAY, YESTERDAY is gone & TOMORROW may never come. 


~ Unknown

This saying has so much feeling behind it and follows my mission to a "t". I am so passionate about making sure that you have keepsakes to love. I have a picture of my Grandma and Grandpa on one of my college graduations. It is my most cherished picture, as my Grandma lost her battle with cancer a few years later. Everyday, I try to be more and more present with my littles as I blinked and they have grown so much lately. It's so important to me to make sure to capture us in TODAY. Showing the laughter and joy of TODAY. Because our tomorrow is not guaranteed. 

Hey all, I am Nikii. Thank you for visiting my page about my dream, my passion, my calling. I love being able to gift my clients cherish keepsakes of our baby's, our fur baby's, or family's, and for generations.  I am so blessed to be called to do something that truly lights my soul on fire each day. 



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